The Healthy Dinner Your Kids Will Hate…

…less than everything else.

Ah yes, it’s The Bitching Hour – that time between snack and the last meal of the day when the kids are whining, the partner is grousing and you are just plain hangry. But you all have no idea of what to eat. And after a week of letting your well-intentioned vegetable purchases rot in the fridge, the only thing standing between you and the food finish line is ordering out, well that and your guilt. You don’t want your family raised on a diet of chicken tenders and diet Sprite. Don’t worry. Here’s what you can make to shut them all up (since they’ll all be chewing.)


variety of cooked dishes
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Breakfast for dinner is my Monday evening standby because it’s quick and nutritious. All you need are some eggs, toast, few packets of oats, some leftover lunch meat and you’re golden. You can make simple cheese omelettes, shove some sausages in the air fryer, toast a few crusts of bread and you’re good to go. Add some jam to the toast or the oats. Cut up a few slices of whatever fruit didn’t rot to it’s core. And if you want to be a real over-achiever, whip out some sugar, flour, baking power and mix that with eggs and milk to turn out a couple misshapen pancakes. Or dredge your old bread in eggs and cinnamon then fry them up into french toast.

Top it with a splurt of whipped cream from the can and the kids will feel like it’s fancy. Light a candle and suddenly you’re a domestic deity. You’ve made something yummy and the night just became special.

There, you did it. You turned desperation into dinner!